Math Games For 4th Grade

Learners in grade 4 need to be able to grasp math concepts in a way that’s active and engaging. These fun math games can help them do just that.

The caller states a number and students try to guess its sum (for younger learners) or product (3rd-5th grades). This is a great way to develop multiplication skills and to practice rounding numbers.


Using games is an effective way to teach children addition and subtraction. Addition is one of the most important math skills and games help students develop rapid recall of fact knowledge. Children also gain a solid understanding of the relationship between addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.

In this game learners work together to complete a series of addition and subtraction problems. They can also practice converting decimals to fractions and the use of tens complements. Developing these skills is essential in helping children to develop number sense and a deep understanding of the relationships between numbers.

This game requires no paper and is great for helping students understand addition and subtraction. It is a fun and exciting way to build understanding of place value and counting numbers. Students work in pairs and can use any manipulatives they like (e.g. mini erasers, colored counting chips or cubes).

This fun game helps learners develop their mental calculation skills and the understanding of inverse operations. It is a fast-paced game that encourages learners to think quickly and is excellent for improving mental speed. It can be played in pairs or groups and is a great way to improve math confidence.


When kids enter 4th grade, they may find that math concepts that appeared fun or easy before can become more difficult. This could cause them to feel discouraged and lose interest in learning math. Therefore, it is important to engage students in activities that can help them understand these concepts much faster. One way to do this is through math games for kids. These games can include simple activities such as reading math problems aloud or integrating math into everyday tasks. They can also include interactive online games that require children to solve riddles and other interesting questions.

Some of these math games are designed to develop subtraction skills. Others are designed to help children practice rounding. Some of the best games are designed to allow students to choose whether they want to play as a team or individually. These games include the subtraction rally game, subtraction fling the teacher, subtraction concentration, subtraction snakes and ladders, and subtraction crocodile board game.

Another game that helps students develop subtractions is Golden Path. This game requires students to subtract numbers that include tenths. It offers immediate feedback, which is helpful for students. It can be played by 2-4 players.


Fourth graders learn multiplication concepts that allow them to use their newfound skills of addition to multiply larger numbers. Games involving multiplication and division offer a great way to help students master these complex skills in an engaging and fun manner.

Kids love math games that challenge them in a non-boring and interesting way. For instance, board games that allow children to compete with other players help them develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They also improve their speed, accuracy and creativity. These are important skills to develop in order to become well-rounded and successful individuals.

Moreover, online math games for 4th graders help students learn more efficiently and effectively. These games are a great way to practice basic addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, converting units and identifying shapes. They are also helpful in improving mathematical literacy, which allows students to communicate about and understand their mathematics in a broader context.

For example, one of the popular math games for 4th grade involves a competition to be the first player to build an unbroken path of counters from Earth to the Moon. Another game is the Salamander Big Multiplication Game that helps students practice multiplying by multiples of 10. The 2D Shape Grabber is a geometry game that lets kids become familiar with classifying and recognising shapes. Similarly, the Division Wheel gives students practice dividing a number by a multiple of 10 while revealing the quotient.


A big milestone in math for kids is learning how to divide numbers. This is a skill that requires practice, repetition and patience. The games below will help students perfect their division skills while having fun in the process!

Division with remainders can be tricky for young learners. This game helps them better understand the concept by creating a model of dividing a number with cubes that represent the leftovers. This game is free to play and will help your student develop their mental calculation skills while having fun!

Dividing with this cute little monster is a great way to help students build their confidence with long division. It will also help them practice the bus stop method, a strategy used in fourth grade to learn this challenging concept.

Kids will love to play this division game on their computer. They will use their quick recall of division facts to save and transport monsters. The faster they are with their answers, the more points they will earn! This is a great game to use as an inside recess activity or for a brain break before or after a math lesson. It is also customizable to fit your classroom needs and student levels.


Boost kids’ fraction skills with games that require them to identify equivalent fractions and reduce them to their lowest terms. These math games also give students hands-on experience with fractions in fun and engaging ways.

For instance, they can use pattern blocks to build fractions or roll the dice to learn how to add and subtract them. Students can also use their favorite board game to practice multiplying fractions and solve fraction word problems. Another great way to teach fractions is by having them play a variation of Connect Four in which players try to build complete shapes using the fractions on their cards.

Other games teach students how to convert fractions to decimals and add mixed fractions. The games also help them practice long division, an important math skill that helps them understand more complex math concepts like multiplication and division.

For example, they can role play as Fraction Man in which they must save the world from parachuting decimal aliens by converting them to harmless fractions. Likewise, they can play games that let them solve long division by writing numbers on their paper models. Or, they can challenge themselves with online long division games that offer adaptive and personalized learning through a virtual math tutor.


When kids reach 4th grade, they may start feeling discouraged as math concepts that seemed easier in earlier grades become difficult and confusing. The key is to make them understand these math learning concepts in more interesting ways. Adding fun elements like multiplication and geometry into these lessons can boost their interest in grasping them faster.

For example, you can have a fun multiplication game where students will get Legos with numbers on them like 3 X 3, and they need to drag them to the correct answer 9. This can help them learn multiplication in a more interesting way than simply memorizing tables.

Another measurement learning game involves having students work together on a team to complete baseball-themed math problems. They will need to be able to calculate the total number of bases, home runs and outs in a game. This can be a great team-building activity and also an excellent way for more able children to develop their strategic thinking skills.

Other measurement games include comparing and ordering different types of numbers, including decimal numbers, using a ruler to measure lengths and capacities, as well as converting between customary and metric measurements. These free online math games can be used as a math homework alternative to traditional classroom activities.


Math games for 4th grade are a fun way to help kids learn and develop their mental calculation skills. They can also boost kids’ confidence and support them to learn independently outside the classroom. These games are designed to be played on multiple devices and offer an immersive learning experience that increases mathematical literacy.

Geometry is a branch of math that deals with lines, angles, and shapes. It is important for children to understand geometry because it is often used in real-world applications, like art, engineering, and architecture. It is also important for children to understand the properties of shapes and how they can be combined to create new ones.

To reinforce geometric concepts, try a hands-on math activity, such as this mirror reflection symmetry art STEAM project. Another great way to help students improve their geometry knowledge is to play a game, such as this one where students compete against each other to classify paper shapes. This math game is ideal for promoting different vocabulary words such as multiple, factor, and divisible.

Alternatively, you can also play this fun game that teaches the concept of unit conversions. This is a great way for students to practice measuring and converting from decimal to metric units.